6 Great Reasons for Photographing New Destinations or Locations

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It’s always good to go chasing that greener grass on the other side. Sure, you could stay home, but how much more fun it is to explore! There are obvious ways you can learn and grow by photographing locally, but equally, there are a lot of good reasons to throw off that comfort blanket and go for something new, new destinations.

To differing degrees we all have a drive and desire to see the unknown, below are the reasons this desire will enhance your photography. Take time to read this and factor them in when you plan your next trip away to photograph some new destinations.

6 Great Reasons for Photographing New Destinations or Locations

This photograph was taken at the Yeeping festival, this was the first time I’d visited this event. It was a real challenge shooting in low light.

#1 – Photographing new destinations provides a burst of creativity

Going somewhere new is a great way to kick-start your creativity, or perhaps build on an existing project that you’re already doing. That something new can inspire you into a new project, you could turn them into a set for a gallery. There are any number of themes you could try out from architecture, food, or people.

  • Try photographing the people in your new locale, a project like Humans of New York can be adapted to wherever you are now.
  • Combine existing image with a whole new set on a similar theme. Have you photographed churches in the UK? The style will be very different in other parts of Europe, and even more so if you find a church in Asia.
  • Get into some street photography by searching out a local market.

6 Great Reasons for Photographing New Destinations or Locations

This is a church on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Prior to visiting this are I didn’t realize how many churches there would be. The design is very different to all other churches I have seen before.

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