10 of the Best iPhone Photographers [by Photo Style and Genre]

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Landscape – Robert-Paul Jansen

Robert-Paul Jansen is a Dutch photographer who uses an iPhone to take magical landscape photographs in the countryside around his home in the small village of Gemonde. Jansen started shooting on his iPhone because of convenience “the camera I always have in my pocket has shown me more small miracles, more tiny details, than I ever thought possible.”

Travel Photography – Benedicte Guillon (Paris, France)

Benedicte Guillon is masterful in her use of natural light to paint unique scenes, whether travelling the world or at home in Paris. According to Guillon, she uses an iPhone as part of her photographic process when travelling because it “allows me to feel my very first impressions when I arrive in a new place. The fact that it is the most compact camera I have makes me feel more comfortable shooting with it during the first days. I’m able to start exploring the area in a way that helps me to learn about people and the way they live.”

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