10 of the Best iPhone Photographers [by Photo Style and Genre]

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The iPhone has revolutionised the ability to shoot, edit and share your photographs on one device. For many photographers, both amateur and professional, this integrated process has given them the freedom to experiment both within and across photographic styles.

To show you what’s possible with the iPhone, we’ve put together a showcase of talented photographers who use the iPhone as part of their photographic process. The photographers are from all corners of the world and span different styles including: landscape, portraiture (self and street), nature and wildlife, architecture, travel, street photography (colour and black and white), conceptual and documentary.

Four of the photographers shown below (Robert-Paul Jansen, AikBeng Chia, Oliver Lang and Benedicte Guillon) are featured in our new iPhone Photography eBook. If you are interested in understanding not on the shooting and editing techniques, but also the motivation behind using an iPhone for photography – then the book is for you.

Portraiture – Jim Darling

Since picking up his very first camera over 25 years ago, Jim Darling has been drawn to the faces and stories of people he meets. According to Darling, “using just the iPhone and any number of great photography apps, the stranger/street portrait enters a whole new level. I love the spontaneity and the quick relationship that exists between me and the subject.”

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